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The Hofbrauhause Bavarian Quartet

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Since 1967, HOFBRAUHAUSE BAVARIANS might be the most authentic Bavarian Band in the Americas. Formed in the Brookfields Massachusetts area by Doc LeBeau and Warren Myers,  the band began writing it's own versions of classic waltzes, marches, polkas, some familiar American pop songs arranged in a Bavarian style.

      Soon working all over New England, the band was invited to your Germany during the summer of 1972.  This was a media event-aside from the two leaders all members of the band were teenagers.

The band received numerous welcomes- including keys to cities, culminating in a performance at the Munich Hofbrauhaus.  The band also was able to aquire more arrangements not available in the United States at that time.  

      With European and original arrangements, this band performs their unique musical arrangements-which can be heard nowhere-while capturing the essence of Bavarian music experience.

The band has allways projected a lot of infectious energy which attracts an audience previously unexposed to this music.

 Musicians in score order

Cuckoo Clock Tweeter: Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone

Alpine Squeaker: Clarinet, Saxophone

Black Forest Honker: Saxophone, Clarinet

Lily Von Stuph: Saxophone, Vocal

Red Barron: Trumpet

Autobahn Skidmark: Flugelhorn

U Boat Periscope: Tenor Horn (euphonium)

Grampa Om-Pah: Tuba

Moldy Sneezebox: Accordion

Hans Beater: Drums

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