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Tequila Amigos (also known as Tijuana Amigos) were formed in 2005 as a tribute to the Tijuana Brass.

This band is able to perform the entire Tijuana Brass Repertoire.

The band has also developed Mariachi. Rhumbas, Cha Chas, and Latin/ Rock from many other groups most notably Carlos Santana and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The Band

All Hurt-Trumpet

Earb Alpert-Trumpet

Bone Ranger-Trombone

Gato Barbarian-Sax

El Kabong-Guitar

El Toro-Bass

Baja Marimba-Keyboard & Marimba

Bongo Santamaria-Latin Percussion

Manual Labore-Drums 

     The Amigos embrace all Latin music from America to Chile!!!!